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Four Basic Interior Design Tricks There are may inexpensive, almost effortless but very effective interior design tricks you can apply to your home, whether you’ve only recently moved or you’re looking for an off the bat facelift. Sometimes, it’s those very small details that can make the most significant impact. A plant perhaps or a painting on the wall. Are you thinking of adding visual space to your living room or make your bedroom feel cozier? Check out these smart design tips and see if you become inspired by them:
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Light Is Space
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For a smaller room, use soft, light hues on the walls to help make the space look bigger. Another trick you can use to produce the same effect is to have large windows or have mirrors everywhere, not only to bounce off the natural light coming in through the doors and windows, but to form an optical illusion of space as well. Otherwise, the room will more likely look even smaller than its actual size. No matter how much natural light is available or how strategic the placement of the mirrors are, a small room with a darker shade will always feel cramped. Mixing and Matching Yes, do combine various textures and patterns. Expensive and affordable, old and new. It’s okay to put family heirlooms side by side with your modern chaise lounge. Great interior decorators will only recommend you to make your home d?cor a reflection of who you are, your personal taste and style, and your whole personality. The antique desk that belonged to your grandfather tells an old story. The 21st century chaise lounge you fell in love with and just had to purchase also tells its own story – your own. There’s no reason they can’t be together. With artworks or fabrics, it can be the same. Slip Cover Magic Despite the bad rap they usually get, slip covers are actually such wonderful creations. They enable you to change your furniture’s look with each season. These coverings can be easily removed, and they give you the freedom to have a sophisticated look without always worrying about people soiling or spilling on your furniture. Slip covers are perfect for rooms where children usually stay. Painting Your Built-in Bookcases This quick color pop will add energy and brighten any room!It’s unbelievable how something this simple can bring totally dramatic results. Applying a nice layer of paint where it may be unexpected is probably the easiest, cheapest yet most effective way of transforming any boring space. Bookcases are just perfect for this trick because you won’t have a need to paint a large surface. Other places you can add a cute pop of color could be fireplace mantels, hallways, ceilings and inside closets.

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