Giving Out Lanyards At A Trade Show Event

When a business owner wishes to enroll their establishment in a trade show, they will want to have plenty of freebies on hand to give out to potential customers who stop by their booth. Most prospective clients enjoy receiving promotional items, and they are an effective way in gaining customer acceptance and perhaps future sales. Giving out Lanyards to those who stop by a trade show booth is a promising action that will be likely to make customers happy as they are receiving thoughtful and usable items. Here are some points to consider when purchasing lanyards to hand out a trade show event.

Use An Engaging Logo Or Slogan

It is extremely important to use a logo or slogan on a promotional item as this is likely to attract attention of potential customers, making it more likely they will remember the business when they look at the item they received. Place a logo or catchy phrase right on the material portion of each lanyard being handed out. This will be visible when someone wears a lanyard around their neck, perhaps gaining even more attention from potential customers as a result.

Purchase Several Different Colors

When buying lanyards, consider picking out several different colors. Those who visit trade shows in a group will enjoy being able to have a lanyard a little different from a friend or co-worker. This individuality will make the lanyards more desired by those visiting as a group. Display the lanyards in all colors in a way where each person can select the color that suits them best.

Make Sure Contact Information Is Present

It is imperative to place contact information on lanyards purchased for this type of event. This way, those who receive one will know how to get a hold of the business to find out more about the wares or services they are offering to their customers. The business name, phone number, address, and website address can all be incorporated onto the lanyard for customers to read. If there is limited space, stick with the company name and perhaps a phone number so potential customers can reach out to the business if desired.