4 Factors to Consider Before Denver Furnace Installation

A home’s heating system becomes a key player during the winter, and it can be inconvenient to deal with a failing unit when the temperature is falling. If the furnace is old and is having problems, a homeowner may consider Denver furnace installation before winter arrives. However, they should keep these things in mind when calling a professional.

Price vs. Efficiency

Being budget-conscious isn’t a bad idea, but price shouldn’t be the top concern when choosing a new furnace. Rather, the homeowner should focus on the unit’s efficiency, as it can help them save on utilities. While an efficient furnace may have a higher initial cost, it can offer sizable long-term savings.

Fuel Source

Denver homeowners can choose from gas, oil or electric furnaces, but every home has different requirements. A gas furnace is an economical option when temperatures are very low, but an older home may not have the necessary gas lines. Oil furnaces are a good choice as long as there’s enough space, and an electric unit is an efficient alternative. However, the latter two choices can result in higher monthly oil or utility bills. Consult a local installer for help choosing the right type of furnace.

Choosing the Correct Size

Before furnace installation, the customer must choose the right size for the home. While many believe that an oversized unit will heat the home faster, heating can be inconsistent and the system’s lifespan may be shortened. Talk to a technician about proper sizing before installation begins.

Assessing the Ductwork and Ventilation System

When installing a new furnace, it’s important to ensure that it’s compatible with the home’s ventilation system. If the vents and ducts can’t keep up with the system, heating quality may suffer. In older homes, ductwork and ventilation upgrades may be necessary before furnace installation.

Choosing a new furnace can be confusing, particularly to a new homeowner. A local installer can tell customers which factors to consider, and they can help them choose the right unit for the home and the owner’s budget. Call or visit the site today to schedule a no-obligation consultation with a knowledgeable, friendly furnace installation expert.